Saturday, January 23, 2016

Duran Duran Concert 2007- Pt 2

November 13

I went to the Virgin Megastore again. This time I bought Genesis- Turn It On Again- The Hits Tour Edition. I have the regular one but this has a few more songs that I like on it.

   I saw a book about male idols of the 70s and 80s. Some of my former crushes were in it, Tom Selleck- who was the cover boy too- and Pierce Brosnan. Duran Duran and just Simon were also.

   I was talking to a girl on line in front of me for a bit then to a couple behind me. The one likes John. She said that she met him once and that he is nice. Lucky her. Her friend likes Nick and Simon.

   They seemed baffled and surprised when I told them that I didn’t really get into DD until “Ordinary World” – 1993. I did say that I had the “Hungry Like the Wolf” 45 in the 80s.

   The one girl was hoping that they would perform “Hold Back the Rain”. It was doubtful that they would which it turns out that they did not.

   There were 3 color wristbands that were given out. This was according to your ticket price. I got orange for the back section. The venue wasn’t that big which was nice. I was to the left of the stage.

   I talked to a nice couple next to me. The lady said that she had seen the Police during their Synchronicity tour and that REM had been the opening act. She also saw Howard Jones, Culture Club, and The Human League when they were touring together.

   I told her about the Norway girl. She said that she wouldn’t really travel that far to see anyone except for probably Kate Bush.

   The show was done in two acts. They performed the entire new album during the first one and their hits during the second. There was an electro-set of 5 songs, including “I Don’t Want Your Love”, “Last Chance on the Stairway”, and a cover version of “Warm Leatherette”. I forget the other 2; one might have been “All She Wants”.

   They were wearing nice matching suits then. The lady said that they looked sort of Devo-ish. She and I were so happy when they did “Planet Earth”.

   During “Save a Prayer”, that couple were holding onto one another. I hate that part of me was wishing that I had a boyfriend that I could do that with.

   I was pretty upset that a very tall guy was often blocking my view during Act 2. I had to look around him. I couldn’t really use the binoculars that much then.

   During the band intros towards the end, I finally figured out what the crowd was chanting about John. I hadn’t caught onto this at the 2 other shows in 2005. It was “Play that f***in’ bass, John.” I would never want to say that.

   The couple bought the poster set for their son. I don’t know why I got this too; I don’t need to have posters of them on my wall.

   I had heard them talking about how they want to sell their 2 friends tickets. A part of me wanted to buy one so I could see them again the next night. If I hadn’t seen Bon Jovi the week before I would have been able to afford this.

   At Penn Station, I helped a cute guy from the Netherlands find the right train. He was going on the same one as me. He sat in front of me on it. If there had been a double space available, maybe we would have sat together.

   I was feeling anxious when we were talking. He had been at the Knicks game. He was in the area for a business trip. He got off at Newark station. It is so bad that I was wishing that I could have gone with him.

   The guy next to me asked about my posters. I was embarrassed when talking about Duran Duran. He said that I shouldn’t be. He showed me photos of his two kids. He has a doggie named Sweetie (Sweet Georgia Brown)

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